A while back I was asked, “What do you do?”

I gave the standard answer, “I’m a business consultant.”

Then the follow up question that got me thinking.

“There are lots of business consultants and business coaches, what makes you different?”

I had never really thought that through – my business has always been about someone coming to me and telling me “so and so, said I needed to talk with you about my business – you helped them, etc. etc.” or something along those lines.

I knew – luckily – a lot of people want me to work with them, but what made me different, unique, maybe even special?

After I got past thinking about my stunning good looks, charming personality, and humble attitude….

I started with the normal thoughts:

  • I’ve been doing this work a long time
  • My clients make a lot more money when working with me
  • My clients are better off after we work together
  • I have had 100’s – probably 1,000’s – of clients
  • I’m a nice guy
  • I love what I am doing
  • Etc. etc.

But it occurred to me, nothing on that list was specifically different.

Nothing made me unique.


Then it hit me.

There really are only two kinds of business coaches and business consultants:

One that “Tells you what to do”

One that shows and helps you “get it done”


I’m about “Getting it done”

I’m not selling you books, or seminars, or webinars, or any other “how to” – I’m working with you, with your staff, with your customers, wherever you need me, whenever you need me.

Next time someone asks me, “What makes me different as a business consultant and business coach?”

I am about action.

I’m about “getting it done.”