Business Consulting and Business Coaching

As a business consultant and business coach my job is to help you build, manage and understand your business so that the business can provide great rewards – financially and emotionally – to the business’s owners, operators, employees, and customers.

I work hand in hand with you to understand what makes your particular business “successful”. Then together, we design and implement a plan that points the way forward to continued success. The process is not always easy, quick, or painless – what in life is anyways – but I guarantee that I will put everything I know into helping you and your business succeed.

What do you need?

  • Increasing Sales
  • Growing and Maximizing Profits
  • Marketing – on-line and traditional
  • Using the Internet for business -·Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube
  • How to handle collections effectively
  • Working and handling Employees
  • Reading and understanding your financial statements
  • Dealing with banks or investors
  • Government regulations
  • Family Interest, is there any balance?
  • Quality of life

Or do you simply want to make more money?

Whatever your issue, I am ready to help. Help with ideas, strategies and solutions that will work for you. Solutions that make sense and that you can afford.

In the two decades I have been in the business consulting and coaching business, I have learned a thing or two about what makes clients and their businesses “tick”. Probably the most interesting thing we have found is that many people in business or running a business have all the answers – no pun intended.

Let’s put that another way.

You usually know what needs be done or what direction you need the business to go, you just don’t have the time, or the expertise, or the resources, or the drive to make “it” happen. That’s where I come in. I help you find a way to achieve your goals, I supply or find the expertise or resources to solve your problems. I help hold your feet to the fire to achieve the goals you believe are important.

No, I don’t know it all.

But I do have a lot of experience and expertise and can help and direct you – the real expert – to discover what your business really needs. It is amazing to see the “light bulb” go on with a business person whenever we are talking over an issue. Even if it is not obvious, you know what your business needs. You just need someone to talk to – someone without an agenda – but with knowledge and expertise – that is willing, able and capable to help you discover your problems or your opportunities. I will help you and your business find and maintain success.

In every case, we talk about what you and your business are doing well, what you are doing poorly, what opportunities are ahead, and what is holding you back or threatening your business. We talk about results, measuring results and implementing programs and procedures that help you take advantage of new opportunities while minimizing your risk.