Business is a Process

Note the that title: ” Business is a Process”.  Business is not wishing, feeling, or hoping.  Business – especially growing or turning a business around – is about Action.  Action that is planned.  Action that is directed.  Action that is deliberate.

Most of the companies that hire me, would give their local fire department a run for their money when it comes to putting out fires.  Their day – every day – is running from one fire to another.  How can anything ever change, if all you do is put out fires?  It can’t – it’s not possible.  People have been trying the fire department business plan since the dawn of time. It might work for a while.  Then it doesn’t. You just don’t when it fails – until it does.

Yes, I know.  Firefighting certainty involves is a lot of Action.  That’s the wrong kind of action.

I’m looking for Action that is directed to a goal that has to be achieved.  Kind of like going on a diet for a class reunion, an anniversary trip, or a vacation.  You set the goal, you have a time line, you make it happen.  No matter what!

The process of Business is much the same way – just we never back slide, once the process starts.

One of the very first things we will do together is set a plan for the future.  We will identify a goal, set a time frame, and then make it happen .

I’ll be honest, depending on the situation, the plan might be very, very short-term.  It is not uncommon for me to set a plan that is only for 30 to 90 days.  I want everyone in the company focused like a laser beam on the current goal.

It’s not rocket science.

But it is hard work and that is where I come in.  Not only will I bring the business expertise and process to work through.  I’ll also do whatever it takes to motivate you and your team to reach their goals.  Yes, that means I will push you and tell you in no uncertain terms what is being done wrong.  On the flip side, I’ll be the biggest supporter.

You’d be surprised how many people tell me “thanks for kicking me in the rear-end” – that’s exactly what I needed.