Grow or Die. It is that simple.

Said another way, if your business is not moving and CHANGING with the market you will fail.


Capitalism is tough. Everyday businesses fall apart because they were unable – and oftentimes unwilling to change.

I will help you grow, change, succeed.


On a constant basis we talk about what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, what your competitors are doing, and what threats are in the market place. I believe and will teach you that your business is a living, breathing enterprise that “wants” to change and succeed. I will help and teach you how to monitor what is going on in the market and learn to steer your business in the most successful direction.

After all the “talking” I will help your business implement the changes you have decided upon. For most of my clients this is the most challenging aspect of growing their business. Change is never easy, let’s not kid ourselves, but I am ready to help. I have helped a lot of companies and have some very good ways to get change incorporated in your business.

Planning for Business Success

Did you know the human brain can be programmed?

It can. You can program your brain for success or you can program your brain for failure.

It is your choice.

Come on, who really plans for failure?

If you do not have a written plan for you and your business you are planning for failure. Guaranteed failure. Think about driving, what are the chances of getting to the grocery store – safely – if you are blind folded?

No chance, is there? Running a business without a business plan is like driving blindfolded.

Your business plan does not have to be complicated. It just needs to be developed and used.

Read that sentence again.

It has two parts, both are equally important – developed and used.

Writing business plans is work, a big money maker for consultants like me. I quit writing them about 15 years ago. I found that if I did the writing,  the business plan looked good, but I rarely got “buy-in” from everybody involved. So the business plan would just sit around and collect dust, I would make some good money, but what a waste of effort.

Today, I facilitate the process. I guide you in the whys, wheres and hows, but you and your team do all the work. It is awesome.

When your team builds the plan, your team follows the plan. It really is not difficult at all.

Again, the plan does not have to be complicated, it does not have to cost a lot of money or time; but, having a business plan is essential to having a successful business.

Promoting Your Business

How many people have you told about your business today?

If the answer is one or two, that is not good enough.

How will you and your business succeed if no one knows you exist or what great products you have, or what great service you provide?

In short, it is your job to tell the world the story about your business and why your business is great. I will work with and teach you the importance of constantly and consistently “selling” (promoting) your business. This “selling” is not limited to just your potential customers, but also includes, your employees, your competitors, and your existing customers.

Your business is great, let’s tell the world!

Of course, there are hundreds of ways you could promote your business and I will work with you to determine what is “best” for you and your business. I have the experience and expertise to help you define what will work for you in terms of: cost, effectiveness, convenience, and timeliness.

Regardless of the means we use to “sell” and promote your business, the absolute key is that you understand – If you don’t “sell” (promote) your business, Who Will?

Review and Repeat

Repeat. Kind of an odd thought.

Do it again.

I talk to you about what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, what opportunities you see, and what threats may be ahead. This is the formula for your success. But, it is not a one time project.

It is an ongoing project.

We analyze, we make changes, we measure the results, we analyze the results, and we repeat the entire process again.

No, this is not some grand scheme to keep billing you until the end of time.


Your business has to be able to change with a rapidly changing marketplace and the only way I know how to make that happen is to constantly review where you are, where you are heading, and where you want to be.

Get it?

Review – Repeat – Succeed