It’s about Making Money

You are in the business of? Making widgets? Customer Service? Public Service?

No, I don’t think so.

Your business is in the business of making money. Yes, we know that is not very politically correct. If your business is not making money – maximizing the money the business can make – you are cheating yourself, your customers, your employees, your clients.

That’s pretty bold isn’t it?

You are in business to make money. Wow. You are not in business to provide jobs, to provide benefits, to save the forest or the whales. You are in business to make money. We work with you to make money or to maximize the money you are making now.

This is accomplished by focusing on a few keys. We figure out together what you do well and we look for ways to increase and exploit that strength. Together we uncover your weaknesses and find ways to fix or mitigate the weaknesses. We study competitors and we make educated guesses about the future and what it holds for you and your company. But most of all we focus on making money – for today and tomorrow.

Over the years it has amazed us how many people – really smart, determined, successful people – are uncomfortable talking about making money. We have found that once we get everyone to understand that making money is not bad or corrupt or evil, business takes off. We are not talking about anything unethical or shady or illegal. Just simple old time business. Make money first. Chase the money, find the money, bring the money in, measure the whole process and do it again.


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