Run a Better Business

Stop the Worrying

Stop the worrying

Your business can be fixed

No matter how bad, how ugly, or how beat-up you feel, your business can be fixed.

That’s bold, isn’t it? But, you know what, I truly believe your business can be fixed.

Why? Because I have seen impossible situations fixed.

Time and time again – literally 100’s of them. Sometimes it is truly a miracle, sometimes it is nothing more than a simple adjustment.

Is it easy? Sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing the business owner ever did – but I never left their side and worked with them every step of the way.

The hardest step to take is the first step. Just like the movies showing a support group, you have to say: “Hi, I’m a business owner and my business needs to change

Grow Your Business


Business is a process

Business is not wishing, feeling, or hoping. Business – especially growing or turning a business around – is about Action. Action that is planned. Action that is directed. Action that is deliberate. Action that focuses on process, timelines, and specific goals.

It’s not rocket science.

But it is hard work and that is where I come in. Not only will I bring the business expertise and process to work through. I’ll also do whatever it takes to motivate you and your team to reach your goals. Yes, that means I will push you and tell you in no uncertain terms what is being done wrong. On the flip side, I’ll be the biggest supporter.

I have worked with an unbelievably diverse group of businesses – all sizes, all types, all kinds of opportunities. Your business situation is not unique. There is a solution and we will find a way to turn your business around.

Make Some Money

It's about making money

Making money is the goal

My job is to help your business make more money. Period. End of story.

I believe and practice that a business is in business to make money – i.e. be profitable. Does that mean I put money ahead of employees and customers, or honesty and integrity?

Not for a minute!

But, we will talk about money, focus on money, and work toward a business that understands everything is about how much money is coming in the door (income), how much money is going out the door (expenses), and how much money the company is keeping as profits and cash flow.

A lot of people are scared of money – worried about looking at the checking account. Money is nothing to be feared or scared of. Money, like everything else in your business needs to be controlled, managed, and used wisely. I’ll show you how.

Ready to Start?

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Who am I – What I do.

That’s me, Jay Moore, right there in the picture. I know, nice picture. Jay MooreThe picture makes me look pretty normal, but after you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m a little business crazy. No one walks, talks, and thinks more about business, than I do. It has to be my up bringing – here’s the story. Twenty four years, and so many businesses served, I’ve lost count. I love what I do. I know my purpose.

I hope we get to meet and talk about your business – I personally handle every client. No matter where your business is right now, it can be better. A lot better.

Success is a choice you can make (or not make). Are you ready for success?

What my clients and I achieved in 2013 – The Score Card

I preach the importance of keeping track of just about everything you do in business – keeping score if you will.a score board
Just like in sports – the score is what matters. Business and sports are about winning and losing and the only way you know if you are moving in the right direction is keeping score.

With all that in mind, here is my score card for last year (2013):

  • I worked with 42 different clients
  • The largest client had over $21,000,000 in revenue, the smallest, right at $100,000 in revenue.
  • By number of employees, my largest client employed 191 people, the smallest client was a Solopreneur (1 employee, themselves).
  • Total revenue for all my clients was a little over a $100,000,000.
  • My clients directly employed over 450 people.
  • My most typical client had revenues of $2,500,000 and employed around 20 people
  • The greatest success for a client was net profit growth from -$100,000 to net profit of $385,000
  • Of the 42 clients, only 1 of them is not profitable today, but that client’s net loss shrank by over 31%.
  • The revenues of all 42 clients had positive gains. The largest growth in revenue was over 200%
  • I worked in over 19 different industry segments that included manufacturing, web development, wholesale trade, social media, banking, insurance, fitness, food service, hospitality, amusement, legal, marketing, advertising, construction, consulting, financial services, accounting, and non-profit.

What my clients are saying

Moore Business Consulting
Jay has become a trusted adviser to me. While I am a really good consultant – running a business is something I have literally had to learn on the go. Jay pushes me to fulfill my CEO role for the company. I truly credit his counsel with our ability to turn things around in the past eighteen months.